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on dumb late-night calls

So I had to present at 8am today, so I was a good boy and went to sleep at 11:30pm after looking over my presentation.

At 1am my cell phone rings, it's the mid-shift Operations guy.


"Yes, I'm from the Op Center, and such-and-such a problem has occurred again, so I am informing you."

"Well, that's not very serious, it'll wait til morning."

"Uh, the ticket said to inform the passaround pager, so I did, but no one responded, so I am informing you."

"Ummm, okay, I'm not sure why, but it'll still wait til morning. Didn't you see my vacation status saying to contact me only in event of emergency?"

(pause) "Welllll, ummmmm, this number is listed as your pager."

*huh??!* "It's both, you can page me or call me on my cell phone."

(pause) "The audio on that thing is really horrible."

*blink* "Well, um, sorry. Did you need something else?"

"No, sorry to have awakened you, have a good night."

Geez, I mean really.

So now I'm all tired and discombobulated and too full of coffee. I should go out in the sunshine and find something to do this afternoon that's warm and San Francisco. I suppose I could take the train out to Ocean Beach or something.


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Aug. 20th, 2002 07:40 pm (UTC)
snotty boogie pukey zinfandelicious hugs
I am truly self-righteously sorry for neglecting you. Your t name confused me. I bought inari in a can tonight and tomorrow I am lecturing on memoirs from the most deadly of the soviet prison camps. Okay, now do you feel duly tended to? In return I only ask that you and your two (or is it more, eh?) babe-alicious LJ cohorts add me to your interests list to create an ueber-exclusive community of *me*.

Did I mention I had a student e-mail me to ask what a "page" consists of (writing an exam question")? I challenge you to an interplanetary duel of dumb techical questions posed to alleged guardians of the fortress of knowledge. Of course, I'm sure Charlie's Angel would win, being as her subject matter affords the most contact with the subspecies known for questioning unfathomable barriers.
Aug. 24th, 2002 12:30 am (UTC)
Re: snotty boogie pukey zinfandelicious hugs
Probably too late for this to actually get read by the not-so-anonymous author of "snotty boogie pukey zinfandelicious hugs" (anon, personal communication, 2002).

Mostly I got dumb answers more than dumb questions, when I was teaching (an activity that magically coincided with a really deep period of depression-- go figure). I did have one question that was dumb in a way, but it made just enough sense to the average undergrad level of knowledge that it was very, very hard to "debunk" or whatever the proper verb is... I was teaching about "gender identity disorder," (i.e., feeling that you are a woman in a man's body or vice versa, variations on that theme). A student asked why that didn't count as an example of "body dysmorphic disorder" (i.e., excessive/obsessive concern with the appearance or feel of one's body). I kept trying to explain about "gender identity" as a socially constructed phenomenon, but the student was really fixated on the whole transsexual thing, surgical removals and additions etc. Very frustrating for all concerned.

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