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on insufficient faith in technology

I just now discovered, quite by accident, that here in the comfort of my hotel room I have a barely-usable signal on the conference wireless network. It's hard to believe, being 16 storeys of hotel away from where the AP is located. But I am directly above it, and my theory is that the signal is bouncing off the hotel across the street and then scattering into my room.

Typical for my luck, I discovered this just an hour before I'm due to speak, and three hours before the entire conference is over and everything gets torn down. And I have spent hours down in the conference lounge working earlier today. Oh well, it's not THAT uncomfortable down there, there is free coffee, people mostly leave me alone, and I can get away with dressing fairly casually. Still, to think I coulda been websurfing naked this whole time... *smacks head*

My last conference duty is in about 50 minutes, an hour long session on CGI and DBI. Then I get to help pack up the lab, consume more free food and beer, hopefully hang out with some people, and then get ready to head home tomorrow.

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