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long nights and blow-offs

Well the flying club meeting was okay. Aaron started it with a "field trip" across the ramp to one of the planes, and led us all on one of his excellently super-complete and informative preflights. That was well-received but meant the meeting didn't actually start til 8. I tried to lead us through the business quickly to keep it short, but it didn't work out that way. We had to talk about the increasing reality of selling one of the aircraft, because of dwindling membership. Of course then we voted two new members in, which sort of confused the issue. But we did commit ourselves to selling an aircraft at the next meeting, should finances dictate at that point.

Anyway, the meeting lasted til 9, then I chatted with Aaron some. He is foisting off most of his private students since his University teaching load is high this semester. But he did say he would keep me on, which was flattering (I assume, I really don't know why he picked me).

Kathy had invited me to a local bar where a bunch of psych people were out celebrating the beginning of the semester, but I showed up there and there was no one to be found, so I went home. Kathy got home a couple hours later all apologetic because she had moved the venue, and didn't know how to get a hold of me. I guess I missed a really good time, which I was somewhat irritated about.

I just made my plane reservations for the re-take of the CCIE lab exam next month. I really hope I pass this time. I need to start re-reviewing material again very soon.

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