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yet more wedding memories

Thursday 9/13/01 found me in a somewhat better mood. People started arriving from the mainland, and that made a big difference. My best chick Gina was one of the first to appear, and she's a real planner, caretaker, and is good at logistics, so I was so glad when she showed up. We all went to the beach and I actually had a good time.

We still had to deal with the potential of our wedding celebrant and one of Kate's attendants not making it across the country, since while the FAA opened US airspace to scheduled airline flights again around noon on that day, the air carriers and their schedules were in a shambles, and it was going to take several days to straighten things out. We worked out the contingency that Gina would get "promoted" to celebrant, leaving Kate and I with one attendant each instead of two. Even with that plan in place, I was still depressed. I actually felt some shame, that our wedding was going to be this ill-attended, shabby thing, and I didn't want to remember it that way. Kate was more optimistic.

The day ended with a phone call out west to Susan and Jill, to see how they were doing with travel plans. They were having absolutely no luck. I finally got online with my laptop and looked myself, and there was absolutely nothing. Sure, I could piece together $2000 flights comprised of three legs each way, but that didn't seem like the best idea. We finally asked them to please, please just go to the San Francisco airport in the morning, just to see what it might be like, but it really, really didn't look good.

I was so upset by this that I didn't even spend the night with Kate, curling up on the couch in the common room of the house instead. I slept very poorly, as it was pretty cold out. In a fit of pessimism, I kept telling everyone that I just really didn't see how this was going to work and that we really should just postpone the whole thing.



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