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Visits, I

What a Crazy Week.

Last Thursday, Kathy and I picked up Gina (my closest psych chick friend, wonderful support at my wedding, now lives in Connecticut) at the airport. Drove home, we all chatted and caught up for a while, then I drove her to the house where she was staying (with Kathy in my house I no longer have a spare bedroom). After I'd been home for a while, she called from an Urbana business. No one was home at her guest house, despite all the lights being on and a car being in the driveway. I felt guilty for not waiting around until I actually saw her ENTER the house, but I did go get her and we cobbled together a bed from sofa cushions and blankets.

She stayed all weekend, and I saw her while visiting some other mutual friends with Kate, and at a couple of receptions held for Galia (my other close psych chick friend and also wonderful support at my wedding, now lives in New York City), who just got married. It was weird and wonderful having so many of my friends, not to mention my wife, in town all at the same time!

Still though, while I LOVE to see her and spend time with her, Gina's very rigid about her very left-wing politics, and EXTREMELY smart and a quick wit and good debater. So I find myself sitting quietly and shutting up when she is talking about things in the world. Even though we agree most of the time, we have our differences and when I bring them up, she is just so incisive and quick about her rebuttals that I feel kind of dumb and wrong and silenced. I suspect she'd be kind of sad knowing that I find it hard to talk with her sometimes; presumably I should just talk to her about it.

Monday morning I took her back to the airport, and saw her off back to Middletown.

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