Charley (szasz) wrote,

Visits, II

On Friday, I picked up Kate at the airport for her first visit back "home" (I think she tries, but fails, to think of Seattle as her home now) in five months. We did get some time alone together, but since none of her other friends had seen her either, a lot of time was taken up by parties, receptions, brunches, dinners, and other visits with Kathy, Gina, Galia, Jen and Colin, Patrick, Alyssa, Andy and Mariolga, Becca, Lizz, and numerous other psych faculty and grad students.

I was surprised at how routine her visit seemed. Sure, I was really happy to see her and touch her and just be together again, but it almost seemed odd having her in the house. Probably something having to do with this visit being on "my" turf instead of "her" turf.

On Monday night there was a dumb thing on the Discovery Channel about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Kathy and Kate ganged up on it with a combination of pointing and laughing, and horror. It disturbed me that when critiqued by two psychologists whose knowledge I trust, a great deal of the information in the program turned out to be distorted, out of context, misleading, or just plain wrong. I hope no one out there was self-diagnosing.

On Tuesday morning she left on a bus to Chicago for a conference. I stayed behind for a couple of days, and then drove up to join her.

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