Charley (szasz) wrote,

Visits, V

In another of the great coincidences, Kate's visit overlapped my mom's birthday. Normally I would not so more than call her on the day, because of the sort of tense, suppressed-emotional thing my family does. But things have been better lately, thanks to a couple of "breakthroughs" on both sides.

So I offered to take mom to Chicago and see a museum, then meet with Kate after the last day of her conference, then eat at a nice downtown restaurant. She demurred, saying that was an awful lot of travelling. Instead she picked a place she liked in the suburbs, so we went there. And had a GREAT meal, and the place was PACKED, still full of people even when we left at 11:30. So that was a success, and felt much more celebratory to me, too.

Yay for improved relationships with family. It's never too late I guess.

I get a feeling that winter really IS coming for real this time. We had one last day of 60 degree temperatures today, but I think snow is coming tomorrow. And people have been getting positively parental at work about their concern for my continued lack of shoes.

But now I am going to bed. It's late, I feel the post-Wednesday-beers smoke-induced sinus headache coming on, and I'm sleepy.

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