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on power and age and stuff

Yesterday I went to my first senior management meeting. I'm allowed to go to them now because they selected me as the spokesperson for the middle managers, a role I said I was willing to do but did not campaign for as several of the other middle managers did. I have no idea how or why I was selected; my boss would say only that the discussion was "the most interesting one they've had in a while." Hmm.

The meeting was kind of instructive. I probably will not go to them all, since often they're talking about accounting and budgets and top-level procedure things that aren't of any use to me (or any of the other midmgrs). I was impressed by the politeness of the discussions, and how strictly they held to their own agenda, covering the entire thing in only five minutes more than they had allocated. Nothing was very technical, of course, but I didn't get the impression that the content was "fluff" either; even the parts I didn't quite understand.

But I already wound up on an action item... to take the recommendations of a committee to the midmgr group to get their input, and then return that to the senior management meeting next week. So, more work for me. There's a Dilbert cartoon in which he's promoted to management and then gets taunted by his co-workers. "You're becoming a generalist! Feel the technical details draining out of your skull! Here's a suite of office software in which all the components work together as one!" I'm a little worried about this but in the long path of growing up, I wonder if most people don't just naturally generalize as they get older and become able to integrate more and more things into their world view.

In any event, it didn't suck, I guess.

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