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on the inscrutable poodle

About 90% of the time, Ajay is completely content to lay on the couch next to me and sleep while I work, read, or watch TV. But sometimes, like tonight, he'll dig one of his big rawhide chews out of the box where I keep all his toys, and gnaw on it avidly. Like for an hour or more. What makes him decide that tonight is the night to be active instead of sedentary is beyond me.

It is neat to watch him work on the rawhide, though. He's one of those dogs that really likes to use his paws a lot to hold things, so he will turn the rawhide around in his paws to change the angle of gnawing to best optimize his sawing off slices that he can then chew up and swallow. It's really cool to watch because it makes him look really intelligent.

This fails him, though, when it comes time to play catch, because when he tries to catch a ball, it's with his paws, and without thumbs or palms, it just doesn't work out too well. There's a reason most dogs catch things in their mouths.

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