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yay roommate

I walked to the bus stop from work this evening, got on, and there was Kathy! She says she can save $500 this semester in parking meter change by riding the bus instead.

So since we ran into each other so serendipitously, we decided to go out to dinner together. Which also turned into a shopping trip for groceries and things for her. Which then, upon putting the groceries away, turned into a kitchen-cleaning adventure. And we got plenty of catching up about how break and the holidays were, what's going on in our lives, etc. It was really nice because our schedules don't coincide very well, and during the times we ARE in the house at the same time, we're also usually both working on something. So we don't usually talk all that much, or at least we don't have long conversations.

More work on the URHnet management web pages tonight. What PHP lacks in elegance it makes up for by making a lot of web scripting tasks really quite no-muss-no-fuss. Which is fine by me; I was never much of a language lawyer anyway. Ross often comes into my office all aglow because he just discovered some oddment of Perl's OOP facility such that he can simply instantiate an object, or just mention a variable in some context, and all sorts of strange and wonderful things happen. While I can appreciate the beauty of such things, I'm usually too focussed on the goal to seek them out myself.

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