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stupid cyberterrorists

Just what I was looking forward to... being kept up the entire night thanks to the latest denial of service attack / Internet worm / cyberterrorism. At least we caught it right away, and got all the damage repaired and the infected machines cauterized off the network reasonably quickly. I knew we were okay when the campus network was more or less back to normal but the rest of the Internet was still greatly misbehaving... I figured we had to be ahead of the curve.

After a while into the work, I started thinking, dang, this is a really big deal, with pretty widespread effects, I wonder if it will make news. A few minutes later a headline appeared in the "Top Stories" section of, "INTERNET ATTACK SLOWS WEB". Whoopdee doo.

So I've been up all night working on this. Kathy got up at her usual 6am and was a little stunned to see me not in bed. So we're now exactly out of synch; she got up just as I was winding down to go to bed.

I hope this makes sense. I am incredibly tired and disassociated.

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