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shovel shovel

Well, the wind isn't going to die down any more than this, so I just braved the wind chill and shoveled, and then walked Ajay. I had a (thankfully rather small) 2-foot drift in front of my garage door, and then almost nothing even worth shoveling for most of the rest of the length of it. The sidewalk was much more frustrating, having been trampled down into icy blocks by everyone walking past my house this morning.

And walking Ajay, I noticed that the snow depth even in open fields ranges from practically nothing to 8 inches or more, depending on nearby trees to deflect the wind, subtle hills and valleys in the fields, and who knows what other kinds of aerodynamic effects.

I'm now left with a rough coat of about half to three-quarters of an inch of solid ice in my driveway. Nothing's going to get that off except a couple of days of warmer temperatures and sun. Hope it's not too slippery to drive up and down; I nearly slipped and fell a couple of times while shoveling.

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