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on sleep schedules and my day

I've been getting tired earlier and earlier these days... this is the latest I've been up in several days which is pretty unusual for me. And I can barely keep my eyes open so I'm going to bed immediately after writing this.

This is a good thing... I've always hated myself for being such a night owl, unable to go to sleep, and then just as unable to get up in the morning. It's a nice change to wake up before my alarm clock, and be at work on time. I want to keep this up.

I temporarily installed a new device at work, a Foundry box that we'll use for keeping access from our operations center to the rest of the network as bulletproof as possible. I haven't had a new piece of hardware to just play around with for some time, and that feels good. But tomorrow I suppose we'll have to start planning its actual production use, and then it'll become tedious again.

I also managed to finish a paper that I'd been procrastinating writing for, like, weeks. I don't know what my fucking problem was, it wound up taking me about an hour to write and was only two pages long... basically just a position statement on retiring some network protocols. But it was important, and not doing it meant that I wasn't doing other work either because the paper was higher priority. Screwed up logic, but I'm glad to have it behind me so I can get other things done less agonizingly now.

It's finally supposed to be up in the 40's tomorrow, and sunnier. Hopefully that'll melt some of the solid ice that's underlying the snow. I'm tired of it being all icy, and definitely need a break of some warmer weather to improve my mood, which has been sour and cranky and discombobulated more or less nonstop for several days now.

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