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wedding fun

Had a great time at Liz and Jim's wedding. As I mentioned, I don't know her extremely well, but I do like her, so I was glad I got an invite. She's a superb cook, and in fact made all of the reception dinner food herself. Yummy... gnocchi and some kind of filled meat roll.

I got to see a lot of former campus people that have scattered. Over time I've weeded out the ones that I really didn't get anything out of being friends with, so who's left I actually enjoy seeing and talking to and spending time with. Much better this way.

Laura's daughter Emmy was the flower girl, and attached herself to me at the reception. She's a big flirt and before long had me sweet-talked into carrying her around on my shoulders. I guess we were a popular photography target.

I did have a bit much to drink, which was not so smart since this was a SUNDAY wedding and so I had to be at work this morning... that fact kept slipping my mind. Oh well. Becca drove back while I slept, and then after a fuzzy-headed (mostly because I was so damn tired) conversation with Kate, called it a night. The terrific thunderstorms that went rolling through after midnight last night failed to wake me up at all.

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