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Vomiting my day

After a slapstick, most-pessimal escapade with bus schedules, I finally made it to Wednesday Beers. I drank too much, and got shivery-cold because they insisted on being outside even after the temperature dropped into the 50's.

I gave a presentation to the CIO on network reliability today. It went very well and I think I got all my points across. Afterward he said it was "an interesting story, presented very well" which I assume is a compliment.

Debbie is making great inroads into fixing our IP multicast problems, which seem now to be mostly version incompatibilities. Richard and Mary are doing a bang-up job of a network design which I think will translate very well to reality. It's weird being a manager. I say "do this" and a few weeks later it's done, often better than I could do it myself.

I made my flight reservations for next week for a vendor symposium in California. It should be interesting meeting with them since they just lost a (moderately-sized) sale to arch-rival Cisco because they deliberately crippled certain features out of their product in order to force customers to buy their more expensive stuff.

And I get to see Kate.

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