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a rare sick day

I had a slight headache when I went to work this morning, a sinus pressure thing that I assume means my seasonal hayfever is kicking in.

The first thing I had to do at work today was go to a meeting with the CIO, the Assistant CIO for IT, and a couple other people to talk about some very high-level things having to do with the National Light Rail, a very high performance DWDM national research network. We need to decide if we're going to be a part of it or not, and it would affect our own network infrastructure and the services we provide. From my end of things, it involves thinking about network equipment that's at least ten times faster than the (already pretty fast) stuff we use now. Pretty daunting, but I'm sure I'll find it challenging and interesting once I get over the anxiety of it.

In any event, the stress of the meeting was such that when it was over, I really had a bad headache. I was going to eat lunch, but wasn't feeling well enough to do more than get a bagel, which I went to the main Quad to eat, thinking maybe the sunshine would make me feel better. I didn't really help, though, so I went back to my office, where I tried to get some work done but was being fairly useless, and decided to just take half a sick day and go home.

I got home, took drugs, climbed into bed, and slept for four hours. The headache was mostly gone when I woke up, although it's still with me even now. I was afraid I would be wide awake come bedtime after that long nap, but thankfully I'm starting to get sleepy, so I'm going to jump on the opportunity and go to bed.

So mostly, a wasted day, but it wasn't really my fault.

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