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my diner

I went alone to my favorite diner late this morning to have breakfast. There's a major fair going on in town today, so the place was much emptier than usual. There were a few other customers when I got there, and two guys came in before I left, but for most of the time I was the only customer in the place, sitting at the counter. So there was much, much more banter between me and the two waitresses and two cooks than usual.

We talked about Kate's impending return. About how the bacon tasted better than usual because they'd just cleaned the grill so I got bacon fried in bacon grease, and not hamburger grease, or liver-and-onions grease, or corned beef hash remains. About other "gutsy" foods like all-you-can-eat liver-and-gizzards. Which led to Mexican "waste nothing" cooking such as Menudo (I have no idea how the boy band came to have the name "Stomach"...or maybe I do), Cabeza de Vaca, and Cesos. And the Mission District in San Francisco. Then one of the waitresses' pet duck, secretly removed from her house and slaughtered because it was making too much noise (she actually started crying telling the story). Very intimate and cool. I love diners.

There was a table of four high school kids eating when I got there, and holy cow, were they STONED. My waitress was taking their order... one kid ordered eggs. "How do you want your eggs?" "*snicker* uhhh huhhhuhh huh *snicker* Cooked? I guess? *snicker*" Another one wanted a milk shake. "What flavor?" "Uhhh, huhhuhh uhh ummmm, ice cream? *snicker*" They were so totally baked, it was hilarious.

I told the joke about that hypothetical TV game show, "High Stakes." "Okay, the next question, for ten points: What were we just talking about??" followed by all the contestants giving confused, vapid looks. "Wow... I wonder?"

So now I've wasted enough of this fine day in my house, Ajay is antsy, and I'm going to change into lighter clothes and walk him.


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Jun. 22nd, 2003 11:30 pm (UTC)
oh geez
when people are funny like that. oh its fun fun to laugh at them!! haha. oh but when they are dumb. then its not. and you are just like arg. don't be dumb. haha. oh that makes me laugh a lot. thanks charlie!
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