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on ever-more lucid and bizarre dreams.

I'm at dinner in the (upstairs part) of a restaurant. It's a long table, with a lot of people... some kind of event, but I don't know what. I'm sitting across from my ex-girlfriend debbie, with whom there is some interaction, but I can't remember that either.

It's time to go, and everyone else files out with debbie and I at the end. We're walking up some stairs back up to street level (in contradiction to where we were eating in the restaurant), and I realize I have to go to the bathroom. I see some pictorial "Men/Women" signs ahead, so I say to debbie, go on ahead, I'll catch up.

At the top of the stairs is a landing, and to the right is a very narrow door leading to the men's room. To the left is another stairway leading up to the exit. I go into the bathroom, and it's SUPER tiny and cramped, and I have to close one door before opening another to the stall, then have to hold both doors closed to wash my hands, that kind of thing.

Upon exiting the bathroom, I find that I only thought it was a stairway leading off to the left, but instead it is a gently-sloping-down plain on which a freeway entrance is stretched out ahead of me, down to a highway off in the distance. "That can't be right," I say to myself, so I look to the left again (now a 180 turn from the original stairway up) only to see another highway entrance, this time to a tree-lined boulevard with cars. This seems like it makes more sense, so I take that path, but I'm getting very nervous since it seems plain I am lost.

Now in a UK-type drive-on-the-right car, which I am having difficulty shifting, I try to drive along, finding where I need to be to meet up with debbie and the other people. But it seems less and less familiar, the highway turns into a surface street, with many confusing signs. I see one for the airport, and think somehow that the answer to this is to go way back to the beginning of my trip, at my arrival in the UK by airline, and then the right path will be clear.

So somehow I wind up inside the airport, but I'm still lost... nothing seems familiar. I go through some glass doors into a kind of vestibule with booths on either side, then into a larger waiting-room type place, and then think I should just give up and call someone. I get out my cell phone and try making a call, but there is some difficulty, and I notice that there are only one or two bars of battery life left on my phone, and then realize with great anxiety that I have forgotten to bring my charger, so I will have to make this battery last my entire trip. So rather than fool around with the phone call difficulties, I put my phone away.

I try to reverse my path, back out of the waiting area into the vestibule with booths, and then ahhhhh, *NOW* this looks familiar, seeing the glass doors from this side. I feel as though I know where I am, but am anxious anew that I now have, like, DAYS of catching-up to do to get to where the other people are.



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Jun. 25th, 2003 11:39 pm (UTC)
predictable comments from me
Part 1 -- the bathroom thing -- feeling restricted by male gender roles?

Part 2 -- navigation and travel problems -- not knowing quite where you are going, thinking you've known where your path is and what it looks like, and then finding out "this is not quite right."

Part 3 -- you need to get back to a familiar "junction" in order to find your way, but it's making you anxious that you are falling behind (making these decisions/finding your way later than most of your peers/friends have done)
Jun. 26th, 2003 10:10 pm (UTC)
Re: predictable comments from me
Part 3 I sorta got myself, and thought it was kind of cool to have that kind of stuff come out in my dreams.

Interesting idea in Part 1. I was wondering what was up with that annoying bathroom. I'll have to think about that!

Part 2 I just interpreted as just one of my usual anxiety things.
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