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on missing my pet

There was sort of a plan to take Ajay with us on the way to Seattle, so he could get re-united with Jasper out there and also so that we could take him to one of Seattle's wonderful dog parks. I'm sure he would just love that.

But after much agonizing, I decided to leave him at the house with Kathy. She says he is no trouble (and knowing her super-high-maintenance dogs, I believe it). He travels pretty well, and I know all other things being equal, he'd rather be with me, but all other things aren't really equal. It's a long, kinda grueling drive, he'd be in a cramped apartment with three other animals and three people, while the apartment is being broken down, packed, and cleaned, and he gets very anxious when packing is going on. So I think overall he's better off at home. I won't be there, and he won't like that, but he knows Kathy pretty well, and he'll be in familiar surroundings.

I sure do miss him, though. I keep getting the nagging feeling I need to do something (oh yeah, walk the dog; no dog to be walked), and I keep seeing empty water dishes and thinking ooh, I should refill that.

He's such a great dog, and I really love him, and being without him really brings that home.

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