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Flying, hopefully

Well. summers are often frought with thunderstorms, which a little plane like mine can't tangle with, so these things are always quite uncertain until the night before, but...

The plan is to take an Archer and fly to Block Island for vacation this year. It's an awesome flight; one I've made before. Requires a stop for gas somewhere around Wheeling WV and is about a six-hour flight total. Sure beats 17 hours driving. And I would just love to see Block Island from the air.

KBID is an uncontrolled field, over water, with a short runway, and quite busy, so I will need to spiff up on my uncontrolled pattern procedures and short(ish)-field landing procedures. I should have done this today... it's not too hot and we have a beautiful blue sky.

Still cleaning after MSBlaster... as kids start moving into the dorms and greek houses, more scanners are popping up. But one of my staff wrote an excellent detection tool, and someone else wrote a handy script that automatically shuts down the offending MAC address and generates a canned trouble ticket, so it's become sort of routine. I have the best employees in the world.

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