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Looking good so far

Well the weather forecast for the flight is still far off and so not very accurate at this point, but it does look good. The storms that pressed through here last weekend have pressed on east, and Sunday's jetstream looks like it'll be pretty smooth and far to the north in the typical summer pattern, with just a mild trough over New England which won't have sufficient energy to do much of anything. So here's hoping!

Of course the danger with trips like this is that the flight HOME is 12 days away, and there's absolutely no way to guess at what the weather will be. So it's always a chance that a VFR pilot might have an interesting time flying home. But I guess there's no point in worrying about that. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

I checked over the plane today, and was going to take it up for some landing practice, but there was a nick in a prop blade that I didn't like the looks of, so I didn't fly. The mechanic said he could dress the nick today, so I'll try again tomorrow.

Here is our destination:

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