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Montauk, NY. The very tip of Long Island; the last part of the mainland we passed before open water.

Southern half of Block Island. To the left is Crescent Beach, the nicest and most crowded of the BI beaches. At the bottom is the Great Salt Pond, a sheltered harbor. Towards the right you can see the runway of the Block Island airport.

Another view of southern Block Island. Airport is to the left, and the west side beaches can be seen. The west side beaches are harder to get to, so most "day-trippers" don't find them, so they are less crowded and occasionally you can find naked people there.

Kate happened to catch a photo of one of the large ferries that are the way most people get to and from Block Island. Two make hourly trips to and from Narragansett, so this is either the Block Island or the Carol Jean.

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