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on flying

Tomorrow we leave on a five-day trip to San Francisco. I'm attending a vendor symposium at a swank downtown hotel, rock on.

Only problem is, we obviously have to fly there. On a commercial airliner. I haven't flown since September 11th, and I'm very anxious about the flight. I had assumed that this was just normal jitters after what happened that awful day, but I can sense my anxiety ramping up rapidly as the actual flight approaches. I have no idea how bad it'll get, but I'm definitely not looking forward to getting on that aircraft tomorrow.

Some people have scoffed at me, a pilot, being afraid to fly. My only defense is, well, I'm not afraid to fly my own plane.


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Feb. 26th, 2002 07:39 pm (UTC)
I flew less a week after flights resumed in September and have been in planes at least 3 other trips since then. The only difference really has been the hassle in the airports.
Feb. 26th, 2002 08:15 pm (UTC)
Re: on flying
Flying (as a pilot in command of an aircraft) and flying commercially are two completely different things. This was true before September 11 and the differences are probably even more marked after that horrible day.

I don't fly that often, but I've noticed that commercial flight is gradually declining from the pleasant experience it once was, and is attaining many of the less enjoyable aspects of any other form of mass transit. No doubt the security precautions and lingering images of horror don't add to this.

While a licensed private pilot, when you fly commercially, you're probably not in a significantly different position as any of us non-pilot types — you're just a passenger watching things happen, though you understand them far better than we landlubbers do.

Still, there are many beautiful things about flying; I've always been fond of looking out the window and "mapping" where I am from familiar landmarks, or flying above the clouds into the sunset, or seeing the curvature of the earth from seven miles up on a moonlit night. Those are the sights that bring a chill down my spine and make the experience worth all the hassle back at the airport.

Enjoy your trip — and your flights.
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