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weekend movies

We've been doing pretty well about seeing a movie a week. Most of this is Kate just being bolder, I guess, about just getting one or two, despite my usual lukewarmness about it. I'm not a real movie freak, and don't usually really look forward to them, although I often get into them once they're on.

I also completely despise the decision process of picking a movie to watch, so I'm avoidant of it. So it seems to be working to just let other people decide what they're going to rent and if it sounds interesting, I'll watch it.

So last night it was Frida, an incredibly sad portrayal of Frida Kahlo's life and times. It's hard to imagine a life full of that much pain, physical and emotional. It was also an incredibly sexy film, with a lot of explicit and suggested things.

But once again we were up too late, and slept until after 11 this morning.

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