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another good weekend

Saw two plays this weekend. Thursday Becca and I went to see A Lie of the Mind, a not-so-well-known Sam Shepard thing. I thought it was really, really well-acted, and was moved by the performances. The script I found a little scattered, but overall I really enjoyed it.

Saturday, after another Becca-and-Kate 20-mile bike ride, the three of us had a nicely snooty wine-and-cheese experience at the local wine bar. Becca, who doesn't like wine, seemed to acknowledge that it does make an enjoyable counterpoint to cheeses, but then when her entree arrived, found she couldn't drink anymore. Oh well. I will beat some culture into that girl yet. :)

Then we went to The Laramie Project at the local community college. It was interesting because that's normally performed with about 8-10 actors and a lot of role doubling, but they chose to produce it here with a HUGE ensemble of 75 people, and no role doubling. I gather they had to dip deeply into the community to find that many people to fill all the roles, so it must have been a great building experience for everyone.

Since it was Coming Out Day, afterward there was a little "talkback" with the audience and cast, led by three instructors at the college. That was a little disappointing, since there wasn't really any deep digging into issues, mostly just some fairly straightforward statements on the nature of hate and hate crime. Not so interesting, except that for whatever reason I stood up and gave a little view of how homophobia can easily be targeted at straight people. It is NOT normal for me to stand up and speak in a strange gathering like that, so I'm not sure what was going on with me. Still, it was nice to participate in something positive. I don' t understand people for whom activism is a black-and-white thing, whereby you're either 100% committed, plugged-in, and volunteering all the time; or you're just as bad as the homophobes, racists, and Republicans. Seems like in any "us against them" battle, that you'd want all the help possible, and not reject those who "seem to lack committment."

And today I was sick with something. I decided not to fight it and just have a sick day at work. I'm tired of going to work exhausted and sick.


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Oct. 14th, 2003 08:48 am (UTC)
Something about my fall wardrobe and haircut has people reacting to me as a man, and, when they see me with Barry, as a gay man.

It's been very odd. 
Oct. 14th, 2003 11:19 am (UTC)
Weird. While your new haircut is quite a bit butchier than your old one, I certainly wouldn't mistake you for a man.

But yeah, I get the same kinds of reactions from time to time when I refer to my "partner" instead of my "wife".
Oct. 14th, 2003 02:14 pm (UTC)
Well, I think you've spent more time with butch women than some people.

It confuses me, because I'm really not trying to pass, and I'm just not that butch. I'm used to being read as a lesbian, not a guy.

It's also strange, because I think people are *much* more uncomfortable around me-as-a-gay-man than around me-as-a-dyke.

I want to add something insightful about activism and the inclusive/exclusive dynamics thereof on college campuses in particular, but it basically boils down to: some people are dumb.t
Oct. 14th, 2003 02:02 pm (UTC)
I saw Laramie at my college, and even got to participate in a discussion with one of the main authors in my Theater Appreciation class (which sounded to be a little bit more fruitful then the discussion you described). That play was truly amazing. That's really interesting that there was no doubling roles in the production you saw. What a HUGE cast.

Hope you feel better soon!
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